Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Kids...

... are doing alright. They've known about our pending divorce for about four months now.

I'm going to miss you.
Cinderella thought she would never see me again. He told her WITHOUT me. I wasn't there to reassure her and put it into words that will help her understand. Prince Charming denied me that chance for his own reasons and fucked it up in the process leaving me with a PHONE CALL to try and smooth things out with her.
Hansel and Gretel took it as well as any 7 and 4 year old can.
Gretel says she wants bunk beds in her new room at Mommy's house.
Hansel needed to know that he wasn't being left without a family.
"Your family isn't going anywhere. It's just changing. That's all. You still have a Mommy and a Daddy that love you."
I am finding comfort in the knowledge that they have seen divorce, custody and visitation in action with Cinderella and hoping that maybe... just MAYBE, it won't be as scary for them as it can be for other children.


The Evil Step-mom said...

Good luck to you. It must be very hard, especially when the kids have seen what Cinderalla went through. I hope you guys can keep in amicable.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back blogging again and that you are determined to stay in Cindy's life.

Anonymous said...

How could he do that? (rhetorical question)

With all the talk of 'broken homes' and 'broken families' I think it's so great that you specifically told them that their family isn't gone, just different.

Marion McDonald said...

I find it really interesting - and disappointing - that of the two of you, the one who HASN'T been through this already is the one with more insight and forethought. Weird, that. Well done you for thinking of exactly the right thing to say.

Webster said...

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for an allergic rash reaction. Luv your dry wit & creative posts. So sorry to hear about the divorce. Been there, done that<3 (not Webster, Barb!!)