Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Guy

Oh yeah.
Hansel is now SEVEN!

Funny how life doesn't stop, no matter what else you may have going on.


The ex-expat said...

Oh does this mean there'll be birthday cake porn?

Tita said...

What a great story!!!

It helped me a lot during a difficult time, I´m a step mom myself, and sometimes I just punish myself with feeling of guilt. I really don´t know if I can consider myself to be a good person or not… I love my SS but I keep having this feelings that for some weird reason make me feel like I´m taking away a boy from his mother, and I know that she does not want to be whit him, but I keep feeling so bad about it from time to time.

I´m from Latin America, and I have a blog on this topic in spanish, I couldn´t find anything on spanish in the web… if someone is reading my comment and is interested in talking about it in spanish… visit my website..

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Great pic!

And it is so true...life doesn't stop.