Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Milestone for the Tween

Today, I am taking Cinderella to get her ears pierced.
I was the same age as she is (12) when my mother took me.
It's a nice way to commemorate the end of her 'Tween Years and I am so excited to be able to take her!
It's been in the works for several months now-Prince Charming and I agree that she is NOW old enough to take care of them properly.

(Maleficent took her when she was 8 without any prior discussions which she was REQUIRED to do because Prince Charming had primary rights though it was a shared custody. A month later I had to take Cinderella to the doctor to have the earring CUT OUT of her infected ear lobe because she kept SQUEEZING the post backs too tightly and essentially INTO her piercing hole. Prince Charming asked Maleficent that they wait until Cinderella is older before revisiting this again.)

(A year later, Cinderella returned from a visit with Maleficent with shiny new earrings. After a week we REMOVED them because she would not stop playing with them. We were in the midst of the custody change and, while Maleficent had lost ALL rights to make or act on any decisions, the courts had to specifically mention that Maleficent STOP PIERCING HER CHILDS' EARS ALREADY.)

Three years later, Prince Charming feels Cinderella is now ready for this responsibility.
She has been flitting around for the past three days since I told her and has all sorts of shopping trips planned for earrings once the holes are healed.
Cinderella has not told her mother yet because "Mommy will be mad because she wanted to take me."

Why must this woman overshadow EVERYTHING that is good????


sistermaryflanders said...

What kind of weird obsession caused her to take her eight-year-old, watch her ears get painfully infected, then take her again so soon after? I am very confused. But then again, we feel that way about Maleficent quite often.

Wicked Stepmom said...

I wish I knew.

dragonmctt said...

Even though we have two boys, we went through this too! SS1 wanted one of his ears pierced, and BM took him starting at the age of 7! Of course, even though he lived with us, when he was visiting her (especially after the longer trips such as summer break and Christmas), he would come back and the hole would be all crusty and bloody because he was not made to take care of it over there, plus she would buy him the cheapest, lowest quality posts she could find. We as well took the earring out several times, letting the hole close back up, and shortly thereafter she would take him back again. We didn't say boo to her or SS1 about it, just told him his ear was infected again and he would have to let it close. Finally, after about the 4th or 5th time, SS1, HIMSELF, told BM he didn't want his ear pierced anymore.


Jeez, I had forgotten about that until I read your post - good times, good times!