Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What Tha?!?! and D'OH!

I have been silently ridiculed complimented for my recent display of maternal ingenuity with regards to yesterday's unfortunate mishap involving the intestinal cleaning powers of prunes on one 7 month old infant and one ill-prepared mother.
Grace Under Pressure.
That is me.
What would have been more impressive however is if I had actually utilized this ...

What tha?
Oh. No. It's. Not.

Oh yes.
In the back of my car.
Which is where I INGENIOUSLY put it in case I were to ever find myself WITHOUT one.
But wait! There's more!
The contents inside! Let's take a look-see.

Hmm... well whadd'ya know! Everything one could ever want in case one were to find themselves in an emergency situation such as, oh... I don't know... a leaking shitty diaper and no (apparent) diaper bag!
Diapers. Changing Pad. Extra Clothes.
Who would have thought that I could be so BRILLIANT?!
Obviously, I did at one point.
And then promptly forgot.

(I saw it while going out to get the mail late yesterday afternoon and I just happened to look into the back of my car.)

(Ok, I was actually looking at my reflection in my car windows because I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight and we don't have any full length mirrors in the house and contrary to what The Hubby says I look damn good. Oh, Vanity They Name Is Woman. And your point is what? What I lack in brains I will happily make up for in looks.)


Kristen said...

OMG!!! I can't believe it was there the whole time. Hilarious.

InterstellarLass said...

Damn! That's quite a bummer. But, had you remembered this, you wouldn't have had that hilarious post to write!

Laura said...

I always have my diaper bag with extra diapers and a change of clothes in my car. The problem is, I've been driving Hubby's car for 2 months. Think I should move the diaper bag?! I do have several packs of wipes in hubby's car. Wipes are all the keep me going most days. Oh, and I have a large supply of napkins, as well, though mine are mostly from McDonald's.

Kendra said...

But...were there wipes??? I have the HUMUNGO dipee bag re-aligning my spine with me always but often, alas, I have neglected to refill the wipe case. :)

As far as forgetting...I made an inadvertent funny on Sat. when I mused..."what was it I forgot???....oh, I forget!" Such is our life now.