Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Magic Mirror

He is my very own Magic Mirror.
The one I have come to count on to tell me the truth, whether I want to hear it or not.
Who reflects back an image of myself that is more lovable (and more loving) than I ever thought.
Who will listen to me rant or sit with me in the silence of my own thoughts. Who takes none of it to heart and just says: "I'll be here when you come out the other side."
He's given Hansel & Gretel back their Mom. The Mom who used to laugh freely, danced in the living room with them for no reason, and saw the joy and wonder in their eyes as they learned and explored their worlds.
And he gives them friendship, guidance and tenderness, despite his tough rugged exterior.
She adores him completely...

And so do I.


Olivia said...

sounds like a really good dad or God , either way you deserve to be happy.

stepmumoftheyear said...

Sounds fabulous!

Living life said...

really very beatiful, thank you for sharing...I have a magic mirror too. x