Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving Up!

Today Gretel had her very first graduation. She has completed preschool and is now ready for Kindergarten.

I still think Preschool graduations are dumb. But that didn't stop me from cheering her on as she walked in procession with her classmates and stumbled through the songs they've been rehearsing for weeks; from waving madly as she searched for us in the crowd; or from crying like a baby as I watched MY baby claim her diploma and cross a metaphorical bridge into the bright future that lays ahead of her.

I love you my little Pixie. And I couldn't be more proud.


Cathy said...

Yeah. I thought pre-school graduations were dumb too. And then mine graduated from pre-school yesterday and it didn't seem so dumb after all. Adorable. Now how do we get our minds around our girls going to kindergarten? We didn't get any older, right? LOL!

stef said...

Oh my she is so cute

Wicked Stepmom said...

@Cathy - Funny, I was just talking to Hansel's (2nd grade) class Mom yesterday about this very subject! This is my second preschool graduation (Cinderella didn't have one, but she did for Kindergarten)... and I still feel like I do not belong amongst the other grade school Moms.

Forever young. I'll agree with that!

@stef - Thanks. :) She's growing up to be quite the impressive young lady. One of her teachers came up to me after her ceremony and THANKED ME for sharing Gretel with her. This teacher has a special soft spot in her heart for my little girl, and I'm grateful for the fact that she helped make Gretel's 1st school experience so special.

April said...

She is adorable! I agree with you - graduations from preschool? Come on, really? But of COURSE you cheered her on and are proud of her. She is adorable! She's got a great smile.