Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting Hurt On The Job

Who knew putting out Halloween decorations could be hazardous to one's health?
While showing the kids our newly decorated yard Sunday night, I rolled my ankle and took a spill while holding Gretel.
She walked away (in her pjs) unharmed.
I, on the other hand...

Left ankle.

Right leg.
Because the yard is covered in shade so no grass grows.
There is nothing but dirt, rocks and some weeds.

But the yard looks awesome!


Soraya Leila said...

I am loving your halloween keeness! Sacrificing yourself for the good of the holiday! It's not halloween here for a couple of weeks - are you early or is this one of those early in America things?

Anonymous said...

um, personally, I find the bodyless baby doll head sticking out from behind your scarred up leg more terrifying than the decorations. A little too Chucky-esque for me.

Kat said...

Wow! Your yard does look fantastic - are those milk jugs? Should we start calling you Martha Stewart instead of Wicked Stepmom?

Your legs looks so painful. I hurt just looking at it.

Little Wren said...


Here's hoping that you had a fun Halloween and are healing from those injuries. I miss reading your blog and am looking forward to updates.

Little Wren