Thursday, November 9, 2006


Anne Klein Dress: $180 $40 On-Sale

Nina Shoes: $79.95 $59 On-Sale

Jessica McClintock Handbag: $60

The Perfect Dangle Earrings: $24

Hosiery and other incedentals: (Nevermind, you pervs!)

Enjoying a shopping spree with your Mom and [once]StepMom: Priceless

There are lots of things money can buy, but days like this can't be put on a credit card.

Ok, so I have to ask: Your *Stepmother* took your *Mom* and you shopping???? Now that's not one you hear every day!

I should be used to this kind of reaction by now.
The concept of a friendly relationship between a Bio and StepMom is fucking insane hard for many to believe.
Given my own challenges with Cinderella's BioMom I shouldn't be surprised when met with slack-jawed response whenever I describe the relationship that has existed between my Mom and StepMom since Day One. But I am.
It's a relationship I take for granted.
A relationship I naively once thought I might have with Cinderella's BioMom.
I now know it's a relationship I will never have. In order for that to happen, I would have to want it.
I don't think I do.
For now, I am happy with the relationship I can share with my own Mom and [once]StepMom.*

* She technically isn't my StepMom anymore since she is no longer married to my Dad. And she re-married 7 years ago. (I was her maid of honor!)
BUT I have known her since I was Seven so she is Family.
And NOW my Dad has just re-married so I have a brand-spankin-new StepMom which makes me incredibly lucky to have another fabulous woman in my life but how does one go about explaining having TWO stepmothers?

(OHMYHELL my Family Tree is beginning to look like some horticultural grafting experiment gone awry.)

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mamalang said...

I just had to comment. My mother and second step-mother got along like that, too. And my daughter's bio-mom and I get along well, too! But it is so hard to explain to others, isn't it? We know how lucky we are!