Monday, June 16, 2008

Recovery Log: Day 2


It's 9am. My surgeon calls to check up on me.
"Hi Doc, how are you?"
Well now... wait, I'm supposed to be asking YOU how YOU are!
"Ok, then I will shut up and let you do your job."
He chuckles.
(It's this kind of back and forth banter that makes me love him.)
My rash has spread a bit over night, expanding over more of my belly. Still a little itchy.
But otherwise I feel great. Slept well. No pain. I tell him, once again, that's he's a GENIUS.
He tells me to keep taking the oral steroids and to consider seeing a dermatologist if it doesn't get better in a day or two.
I take my last pain killer at 9:30am. After that I realize that my pain level is so minimal that Extra Strength Tylenol is all I need.
Throughout the day I take the antibiotic (Keflex) and muscle relaxer (Robaxin) as prescribed.
AND BENADRYL. Cuz now this damn rash is starting to get on my nerves.
My breasts are swollen. There is some minor bruising along the incision lines. Pectoral muscles still sore so there is no lifting of anything heavier than a remote control. Or a small mug of water.
I am very pleased with the surgery and recovery... despite the rash.
I should have knocked on wood.


mathcutie said...

It seems like you're doing really great. Thanks for sharing this private life changing event with us. I come against that rash! Your arms must be somewhat useful because you seem to be blogging just fine ;0D

Anonymous said...

"My breasts are swollen." Really? heh

Secret Knitter