Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Hypocrisy of it All

It's been two years.
Two years since the change in custody. Two years since Prince Charming, Maleficent and I vowed to improve the state of our co-parenting relationship.
Part of that commitment involved attending sessions with Cinderella's therapist.
A therapist that has yet to be found.
It took close to a year for Cinderella's Law Guardian to receive lists from Prince Charming and Maleficent of therapists covered by our respective insurance companies.
And an equally ridiculous amount of time for her law guardian to ACT upon those lists.
Now 24 therapists have been called. The search continues because none (NONE!!!!!) of them want to take on a case where the chances of them being called into court are highly probable.
In the meantime, Cinderella's psychological and emotional well-being is suffering because no one has made it more of a priority.
It's so good to know there are respectable and caring metal health professionals out there who are committed to helping CHILDREN and willing to put aside their own SELFISHNESS.
First do no harm - MY ASS.
Watch out for numero uno, is more like it.

(I know that could have been worded better but I'm so angry I could spit.)


D said...

My SD has been seeing a therapist for about a year and a half, and we were actually told that she couldn't be called in to court because she's not an unbiased 3rd party or some such thing. She's been seeing her since just after her mother moved back to the state, but before her mother decided to try to regain custody.

The therapy helps her a lot, but then she's also probably autistic to some extent.

Is there some way to circumvent that particular list and just get her in to see someone and worry about the court end later? In our case, it was an issue of a 3rd party therapist reviewing the records of the treating psychologist and giving his/her input on the situation.

I feel your pain--I really do. The LG in our case was useless...he never even spoke to SD at any point besides popping his head in to say hello at his "home visit." That was right before he told my husband that "as long as you shove the crack pipe under the couch until I leave, it's pretty much impossible to fail these things."

-d said...

We had some of these issues with Britt. Is it possible to sign up for "family counseling" which would involve Cinderella. We were able to do "family counseling" that later turned into counseling for Britt.

It was explained to us that she could be involved in family counseling wiht "our family" and it would not have to go through courts to approve it because it was a "family" event on our side.

It helped UNBELIEVABLY on many levels and started Britt on the right path while the rest of the freaking world decided to get their head's out of their hindends.