Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Allergies Attack: A Mother's Rant

Doc, you've mentioned Quality of Life but I haven't seen anything that's really interferred with his ability to function at all.
Ma'am you just had to go through three rounds of steroid treatments this Winter.


When He puts it that way it's hard to argue.
The Boy has recently been diagnosed with asthma. I was adamant about him seeing an allergist so that we could educate ourselves on the management, treatment and triggers.

I wanted to know what we were up against.
Be careful what you wish for.
Within four days I’ve gone from a having a seemingly healthy four year old to one that (so far) is HIGHLY allergic to cats/dog/rabbits, still allergic to peanuts and now also dust mites. He spent four days dealing with oral steroids + six inhaler treaments/day. He now needs to be use a twice daily inhaler + nasal spray + oral allergy medication for the next month and we need to get covers for his mattress and pillow and wash ALL of his bedding in HOT water WEEKLY (including his favorite stuffed animal which he must, MUST sleep with every night) and get a HEPA filter for his room and probably find a new home for our 10 year old cats.

And we are still awaiting the rest of the blood test results so who knows what else he might be allergic to, and what this all means for him in the long term.

And THEN… AND-DEN!!AND-DEN!! … we get home from over two hours in the allergists office and The Boy decides he wants to play outside in the snow.

I tell him to stay in the side yard (b/c a level 2 sex offender is living 5 houses up the block from us. EWW!). Of course he DOES NOT LISTEN TO HIS MOTHER and goes sleigh riding down our FRONT LAWN and off the 4ft retaining wall landing on his back and hitting his head on the driveway.

I’m overwhelmed and unsettled. So much to process. So much yet to discover. Not enough happy pills for the Mommy.

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